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Scrap Metal and Vehicle Purchase in Montreal and Surrounding Areas

Do you wish to get rid of a vehicle that is no longer in working order? Assistance routière 24h is not only limited to towing of damaged or broken-down vehicles, we also buy your scrap metal. Our team travels throughout the city of Montreal and its surroundings areas to ensure the recovery and transportation of your vehicles that you no longer want to keep, regardless of their condition.


We thus offer you a simple and eco-friendly solution by getting rid of your car which is no longer useful to you, with the aim of recycling it. Do not wait any longer to get rid of your useless bulky items by opting to recycle them.

Scrap metal moving service

To help you save time, Assistance routière 24h comes to your home to pick up your vehicles and personally takes care of towing and moving them to our center. We make the payment in cash. Do not hesitate to call us for the purchase of your out-of-use vehicles.

Purchase of Scrap Metal

Trade in your old vehicles for cash and free your spaces from clutter.

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